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If you believe you or a student is experiencing suicidal thoughts/harm to self; homicidal thoughts/harm to others; medical concerns/emergencies; missing person; vandalism; or engaging with firearms, ammunition, and weapons in violation of campus policy or Ohio law, please call Oberlin College Campus Safety immediately (open 24 hours 7 days a week) at (440) 775-8911 instead of filling out this form.


This form provides a way to express concern for students, connect them with resources, and support their well-being and academic success. You may use this form for a student or yourself.

Please submit this form whenever you have a concern about a student and believe they would benefit from additional support. The earlier a student connects with resources, the more options they will have for addressing their concerns.

Submissions will be reviewed during business hours Monday through Friday, and staff will determine the best follow-up actions based on the nature of the concern.

Note: Federal laws, such as Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) may prohibit the college from sharing students’ academic, personal, and medical information with others without the individual student’s written consent.

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